Air Conditioning Laws in Tampa Bay

When that Florida heats hits in the middle of summer, there may be no other source of relief than air conditioning. Living in the small space of an apartment can make the heat feel even worse, so air conditioning can be so vital for comfort and well-being. However, installing an air conditioner in a Tampa Bay apartment is not as simple as you might think. There are several factors that will determine whether you will be permitted to install one in your apartment. Before you rent an apartment without air conditioning, you should know what right you have an don’t have when it comes to getting an air conditioner.

Is the Air Conditioner Really Needed?

They may seem like they are vital to life and death, but in actual fact, air conditioners are amenities. That means that they are not required for an apartment to be considered habitable. They must have the usual, such as gas, heat, plumbing, and electric. There must also be working toilets, sinks, and showers.  Air conditioners, however, are not on that “required” list.

Installing an Air Conditioner

The only way a tenant can have an air conditioner installed is if the landlord has given them express written consent to do so. In fact, making any changes to the apartment will probably need the permission of the landlord. This includes security systems and satellite dishes as well. Even if you feel you are improving the space, it can be considered damage to the property, since the change was not asked for and given permission. If you do make an “improvement” without permission, the landlord has the right to ask you to cover the cost of repair or the restoration of the room to its original state. You may even be at risk of eviction. If the landlord agrees, then it should be made in writing so that everyone has proof of the agreement.

Lease Agreements Attorneys Tampa Bay

Sometimes, having a working air conditioner may be in the lease agreement for your Tampa Bay rental apartment. This means that the landlord must comply by keeping the air conditioning functioning and well-maintained at all times. If the air conditioning does not work and is not fixed quickly, then the tenant can take the landlord to court for violating the lease agreement.

Air Conditioner Repair

As discussed above, it is the landlord’s responsibility to repair an air conditioner that has broken or worn down from circumstances that are beyond the control of the tenant. This means things like acts of nature or regular wear and tear. If the tenant causes the damage by being neglectful or reckless towards the air conditioner, then they may be responsible for paying. In this case, they can either pay for the repair services up front, or reimburse the landlord when the time comes.

If you have an issue in the middle of the hot summer, or any time of year, make sure to contact attorneys in Tampa Bay who specialize in air conditioner laws for apartments.