Plumbing Insurance Claims Tampa Bay

It goes without saying that if you have insurance for a certain issue, that you should be properly compensated for it. If you have had some plumbing damage, no matter how big or small, your insurance company should be ready to pay out for your loss. As we all know, sometimes insurance companies deny such claims seemingly without justification. If that happens, a reputable attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The damage caused by problems such as leaky plumbing and burst pipes can be extremely expensive. Not only does the water need to be cleared away, but everything must be dried out. If there is water damage, then it must be repaired or even replaced. This includes not only components of the building, such as framing and drywall, but also personal possessions. Most piping is under flooring and behind walls, so this damage can be extensive.

One of the worst situations is when a pipe burst while everyone is away from home. In this case, it is not caught until possibly days later, and even a slow leak will have had time to create a massive amount of damage. They say that slow leaks add up pretty fast, so if you are gone for a week, you could end up with hundreds of gallons of extra water into your home or business.

Not only will there be immediate problems with a leak, but some problems will only show up a little later. If moisture from a leak gets into your carpets and onto your wooden floors, it can cause rotting. Damp conditions are also great for mold to thrive, which is a great danger to the health of your family. Too much mold or an unsafe home because of rotting, make require you to leave your home for a time while everything is being fixed. This is an additional cost, since you will need to rent living accommodations during that time. Unlike a slow leak from a pipe, these costs will all come in a great big wave.

Too much of the damage from plumbing issues is hidden, and it takes experts to help inspect and identify those problems to notify the insurance company. We can help by providing investigators and plumbing professionals to make sure that all of your problems and costs are documented and provided to the insurance company. Of course, those professionals can also help fix any issues if they arise down the road after a plumbing mishap.

It is important to remember that your insurance company is not always necessarily acting in your best interest. They are a business, and their focus is to make money. Paying out expensive insurance claims does not help them with that. If you receive a settlement offer from your insurance provider, make sure to have an attorney look it over. They will make sure that the offer covers the full amount of compensation that you deserve. If your claim is denied, then an attorney can help you fight that denial and work to get you that compensation, so that a plumbing problem does not leave you high and dry.

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