Construction Defects Tampa Bay

Your home is not just a place where you live and relax. It is also an investment. Quite possibly, it is the biggest investment you will ever make. It is important to protect that investment, not just because of the money you have committed, but also because it is the place where you lay your head at night. If there is a defect in the construction work on your home, then you may decide to look at legal options if the contractor will not solve the issue. Even the best professionals in the industry make mistakes, so it is not uncommon for there to be defects after a home renovation project. If it is a case where that problem has left you and your family in danger, or at a risk of ill-health, then contacting an attorney may be your best option.

Construction defects could have any number of causes. It may be from a flaw in the design, or the materials used, or the craftsmanship of the workers involved. It is important to find out the source of the issue because that will determine who you find liable for it. An attorney that specializes in construction defects will be able to help find out the source and provide you with the insight that comes with knowledge and experience.

Common Construction Defects

There are many defects that a homeowner might find after building a house. Some of those defects might not even become apparent until years after the project is finished. A poorly build foundation, for instance, will slowly shift throughout the years until it is seemingly all of the sudden unstable. Leaking water, electrical problems, and mold are all common defects that you might come across.

When it comes to defects from materials, you may end up with cracks in your new windows, flashing that deteriorates rapidly, and drywall that crumbles or does not hold properly.

Design defects might be the most dangerous. You home may have been built without properly considering the balance needed for the weight of the home. The entire structure of the home may be at risk. An attorney can help you sift through the details to find out which party may have made the error. They can then work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Toxic Mold

Toxic mold, as its name would suggest, can cause many health issues. It encourages the build-up of volatile organic compounds that can cause infections and other conditions of the respiratory system. This mold can build up in homes that do not have properly designed or installed ventilation systems. If you or your family get ill from mold, then you may have a legal case against whoever created the situation that allowed the mold to grow.

If you have any issues after a construction project, make sure to contact an attorney that specializes in construction defects to help protect your rights and get you the compensation you are looking for.